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Building your dream home - Get organised! - Property Unravelled

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Building your dream home is one of the most exciting, stressful and rewarding projects a couple can take on.  Life is busy with work, children, schools and animals.  Add a major building project on top of it there is not a lot of time.  However it is important that you make time to provide updates, make decisions and discuss your building budget at least once a week.   I would schedule this appointment in my husband’s diary on his iphone. As I was the main manager of the project as I had more time.   I kept an issues register that kept track of everything that was happening with the mortgage, council, builders etc.   We would put our son to bed and go through the list and discuss each item. I would allocate jobs that my husband would do and I would do with a date due.

Whilst in the building phase we had to discuss things everyday however having the issues register meant we could tick off items that were resolved.  I could also email my husband with updates on the issues register.  Here are my top 5 tips for keeping organised when building your new home with you partner.

1. Assign roles

This is the largest financial commitment that most couples will have in their lifetime so it is important to treat this like a project.  Assigning roles within your home build will make sure you are both on the same page.  Some of the roles that are involved in building a home are setting up meetings, looking after financials, attending on site meetings, keeping a issues register organising interiors and selections for the home.  Now some of these can be done together however someone needs to manage the emails and ensure that all partners in the project are advised.

2. Sync up your calendars

Technology is great especially when building a home.  There are so many great Apps available for managing your home build.  One of the easiest things you can do is set up a shared calendar with your partner so you can share meetings.  This will allow each other to see what times you have available and accept and decline meetings.  Most phones such as Iphone and Samsung will allow  you to do this. Apple provide you with some easy tips in syncing up your outlook calendar.


3. Building your dream home weekly meetings

Ensuring you have a face to face meeting each week to go over all your home build is a great way to start off.  This helps each of you stay on the same page and you can go through budgets, up and coming meetings and issues.   Maybe organise a time one night each week where you put the kids to bed and do it over a glass of wine.


4. Keep your paperwork organised

To keep myself organised I brought two binder folders and sorted them into Pre-build and Build. I also used a shoebox to keep all my samples of colours, tiles, benchtops that I had chosen. I brought a Magazine box to keep all the different magazines and pictures I had collected along the way.

In the Pre-Build folder I kept budgets, old plans, council information, financials, Development Application information and surveys. In my Build folder I kept most up to date plans of home, kitchen and bathroom designs, quotes and anything I thought I would need to grab and take on site.

This meant before we raced out the door on Saturday morning I would grab the build folder and the shoe box.

5. Set up a DROPBOX or GOOGLE DRIVE folder

I also set up a Dropbox folder and set up the following folders and shared it with my husband. We could also access that on our Iphones if we needed something whilst we were out.  This was fantastic as I could access pictures I had saved and even up to date plans of the home when we needed to find out dimensions.  This did save me when I forgot to bring my paperwork to site or unexpected meetings.

Building your dream home is scary, exciting, nerve racking and rewarding. Not only did it test my relationship with my husband but also contributed to high stress levels in both of us.  We learnt lots of lessons of what not to do in the building project. We also realised how essential great communication is when building your home. It does not matter how long you have been together or there are sure to be many an argument about the style of home. Being organised and communication is essential! Good luck everyone.

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