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5 awesome Custom Cabinet ideas you will love! - Property Unravelled

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Why would I choose to have Custom Cabinets in my home opposed to cabinets purchased from a chain store supplier, you may ask? Going direct to a local custom cabinet maker who has many years experience is a huge advantage. By speaking to a professional you receive one on one advice about the types, colours and materials available. Furthermore, for the design to be unique and stand out from the crowd then custom cabinetry is a must.  It is a no brainer, right?  Don’t spend your hard-earned money on building your home with cabinetry that will not last. Here are our top five tips below. In addition here are some photo’s as inspiration for your own custom cabinets from DMB Kitchens Port Macquarie.

DMB Kitchens Port Macquarie


5 reasons why you must choose custom cabinets.

1. Able to choose your own design, colour and quality

Firstly, being able to choose your own custom cabinetry can really make your design stand out.  To be honest non custom cabinets really all look the same. However,  a eye catching piece made by a professional cabinet maker really can make the difference.   In the kitchen cabinets below designed by Brad from DMB Kitchens Port Macquarie the customer wanted all lower drawers.   This is difficult to achieve by purchasing off the shelf.  Brad from DMB Kitchens Port Macquarie says “We offer a vast variety of colour, styles, materials and industry experience.  We can truly help you achieve your kitchen goals.  No matter what your style is, you envision it and we create it.  Custom Cabinetry is for those who truly appreciate a highly functional space.” 

custom cabinetsDMB Kitchens design

2. Quality of the custom cabinetry – no formaldehyde

Secondly, a custom cabinet is not mass produced and is designed by a professional. Therefore, material is chosen by the cabinet maker.  In addition to this some imported timber contains formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is a colourless gas with a pungent, irritating odour.  Here is a recent report from Safe Work Australia about the dangers of working with timber that has formaldehyde.  Above all,  the quality control on a custom piece is extremely precise.  For instance each step is overseen by a professional cabinet maker.  In conclusion,  the final result of a custom cabinet is something that will last a lifetime in your home.  

custom cabinetsDMB Kitchens design

3. Custom Cabinetry is a great investment and experience

Why not let your design flare go wild and have your cabinets designed and installed by a professional.  Brad from DMB Kitchens says “The initial point of contact is where we set the standard of exactly what the clients will receive.  Our consultations start with an obligation free measure and then we educate our customers with valuable information.  Therefore this will help them select the best possible options to achieve their desired look. We love to share our ideas with clients.” said Brad.  For instance a customer from DMB Kitchens selected these river stones from his property.  They worked with Brad and created this back panel for a kitchen renovation.  Such an innovation to add to a kitchen renovation.  Without custom cabinetry this could not be achieved.

Custom Cabinets DMB Kitchens design

4. Custom made for your space

Custom cabinets are designed, measured and built to suit the exact space, taste and lifestyle of the space.   They can make a space so much more functional.  Professional cabinet makers can take advantage of every small space so they are the perfect fit.  These kitchen cabinets below are a perfect example of utilising every square inch. 

shaker style cabinetsDMB Kitchens design – Shaker style cabinets 

5. A place for everything

Finally, custom made kitchen cabinets can allow room for bin cupboards,  custom drawers, wine cabinets and more.  Ensuring there is a space for everything creates a functional space.  When you purchase standard cabinetry it can become extremely stressful! Trying to fit pieces into a space that they are just not made for is really difficult. Therefore resulting in spending more money trying to fix up your mistakes in the design. 

custom cabinetsCustom Drawer inserts by DMB Kitchens design

Deciding to choose a custom cabinet is really a no brainer.  In addition, if you are renovating your kitchen don’t forget to head on over to our kitchen blog on easy updates that will save your budget and how to choose your kitchen sink. To sum up having the choice of so many colours, styles and function as well as the quality workmanship and materials can really make your design.  

Bio – Cabinet Maker Port Macquarie 

DMB Kitchens BradDMB Kitchens Port Macquarie are locally owned and operated by Brad Lewis and Alyce-Maree LewisBrad Lewis and his team, bring a wealth of knowledge with more than 40 years experience in cabinetmaking to DMB Kitchens.

If you are considering quality cabinetry & joinery in the Port Macquarie area then connect with Brad via their website and on social media.