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Are you building or renovating in the Port Macquarie - Taree area? - Property Unravelled

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Are you building or renovating in Port Macquarie  or the Taree area ?  Are you getting confused by the builder jargon, extra costs and endless decisions.  When we built and renovated a few years ago for the first time in Port Macquarie it was daunting?  We were spending the most money we ever had in our life!  I spent hours on google looking at home designs, asking friends for recommendations and trying to figure out how to compare builder’s quotes.  When we finally selected our builder I then tried to figure out colours, find tradies, tile choices and more. My husband and I were both working and we had a little boy at school. To say we were stressed was a understatement:)

Instead of battling this massive project on your own like we did I have put together 7 tips to consider.

Our top 7 tips for Building and Renovating


1. Join the Port Macquarie – Taree Building and Renovation Group

Our Port Macquarie and Taree facebook group is a great way to chat to others who are building and renovating in Port Macquarie and Taree area!  Our members are talking about what flooring they have chosen to who they recommend for waterproofing.  Our group is such a great way to find out tips, hints and recommendations about all sorts of home projects.  The above photo is from one of our members kitchen renovations in our group.

Port Macquarie Building


2. Tradies and Services List 

Finding reliable and trusted tradesman can be really hard!!!  In our group we have created a great list of trusted tradies and services that are being recommended by our members everyday.  Once you enter into the group you have access to our list of trusted tradies and services automatically.

3. Go to Display Homes Port Macquarie

Visiting Display Homes in Port Macquarie was a valuable way to gather ideas and research builders.   We are extremely lucky to have Sovereign Hills Display Village which has 15 new homes to explore.   Below is a video I did a while back at one of the McDonald Jones Home Port Macquarie  new homes. Check out some of our custom builders in our area also who have some amazing designs!


#mcdonaldjoneshomes Stirling green port macquarie. Display home 2

Posted by Property Unravelled on Friday, 24 February 2017


4. Check your builder’s quote and contract carefully

I have heard of so many horror stories of people who have built or renovated.  Make sure you check out our blog on 5 tips on comparing builders quotes for some extra tips.   We had so much trouble comparing quotes it literally took us hours.   I developed a spreadsheet and went through each item comparing the costs.  We also included a 10% contingency in our budget which we used within the first month.   After we finished going through the quotes I ended up finding this awesome online tool that allows you to compare your quotes called Prospex. You can add up to 150 different selections for your home renovation or build and then ask builders to quote on this.  That way you are then getting the exact same quote from each builder which you will make it easier to compare.


5. Port Macquarie Hastings Council and Mid Coast Council

If you are buying land or need to put in a Development Application then the Port Macquarie Hastings Council and the Mid Coast Council is a great place to start. You can chat to Duty Planners about:
1. Zoning on the land and if there are any other Development Applications in place
2. You can ask for previous Development Approvals
3. You can find out if there is a requirement to extend your water, sewerage or electricity.  This will need to be added into your budget if you do.
4. You can also see if there are issues with vegetation or flooding.


6. Chat to local Real Estate Agents

Our local real estate agents are a wealth of knowledge.  If you are building or renovating for investment/sale or rental then they can advise you on the types of inclusions that buyers and renters want.   They talk to buyers and renters everyday and understand the market.  They also have  access to statistical information on sales and rentals in the area. We have some local real estates hanging out in our  Port Macquarie – Taree  Building and Renovation Tips & Hints Group.
So come and join Debbie along this slightly daunting, yet very exciting journey into building or renovating your home in Port Macquarie and Taree area..
See you soon and here’s to your new home!