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Top 10 things not to forget when building your dream home! - Property Unravelled

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There are so many things you can forget when building your dream home. Now if you didn’t know, my husband and I took the plunge and built a dual strata development recently.   We both had renovated before so we thought we were ready for this massive project!  Nothing could have prepared us for stress, sleepless nights and time it took to get this project to the end.   I even look back now and think how did we get through it with both of us working.

The hardest part of the build I found was time management.  With both of us working there were always impromptu meetings and decisions that had to be made in the space of 5 minutes.  We spent many weekends in kitchen, tile, and bathroom shops. But do you know what I loved it!

With all the things we learnt along the way I just wanted to share with you some of the annoying things we forgot when planning our space.

1. Not enough powerpoints?

Now depending if you have a custom or project build you will be provided with a number of power points that you can have included in your build.   We did add some extra’s but we forgot some.  We should have added one in our dressing room for my hairdryer.  I now have a cord going across the entrance when I want to dry my hair.   We also needed more in our kitchen especially on our island bench.  Paying an electrician to install power points after you move in is so much more expensive than having it included as part of your build.

2. Not enough taps?

Not enough taps?Having to move hoses and add hose fittings is frustrating and just plain annoying if they don’t reach.  For some reason our  back hose is only connected to our water tank.  So hence when we have no water in the tank then we can’ t use it.   So make sure you check on your plan and find out where the taps are connected to.


3. Security doors and windows

Security doors and windowsThe majority of quotes for project homes do not include security doors and windows unless specified.  Depending on your location these security additions can decrease your home policy cost.     We ended up putting in 2 screen security doors after we moved in.

4.  Plumbing for water in the fridge space

Now we did remember this as we had a fridge with a water filter but I just wanted to remind you.  Most fridges sold these days include a water and a ice maker.  You need to ensure you include plumbing to the fridge space so you can have this connected.

5. Towel rails and heating

Towel rails and heating

I wished we had go the large heated towel rack installed in our bathroom.  We currently have towels not drying properly in the bathroom and not enough room to hang them.

6. Cabling

It is a must to have wiring included for home automation and networking as this is the future.   You will want to check to see if this is a exclusion in your builder’s quote and get some advice.

7. Washing lines

I urge you to really think about your washing area. I think one of the reason’s people dislike washing is because the space is inconvenient and just doesn’t work.   It is important to plan out your space and ensure you have enough room to hang your sheets and other large washing items.  Also do you have an area undercover that you can hang washing as there is nothing worse than having it hanging in you lounge room on a rainy day.

8. Location of light switches

Even if you do have an electrician advise you where to put your light switches make sure you double check them. Throughout our home some of our light switches are in the most bizarre spaces!

9. TV Points

TV Points are a pain to have installed after building.  We decided we would include them in most bedrooms, lounge room and playroom.  We did forget one and it cost over $400 to have installed after we built.

10. Wardrobe fit outs

Getting your wardrobe fitted out was something we decided to do at the last minute.  I am so glad we did this as it was the best thing.  We have space for shoes, clothes and bags.  A spot for everything!

I think the most important take away I can provide people who are renovating or building for the first time is to spend time in the planning stage.  Don’t rush your design through because you are anxious to get it into council.

Really spend time looking at the plans and ensure you have everything you can afford included.  Share your plans in our House to Home hub for feedback!   We got some great ideas from friends and family that we would not have thought of.  If you did get your plans through an architect or draftsman then show a few different builders as well.  If you are just not confident with your design then use a expert.  Check out our amazing designers who offer online services.

Creating a home that you love is amazing especially when the space works well for your family! You don’t want to spend your life savings and live in a house that just does not work.

What is on your forgotten list?