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Easy laundry makeover ideas - 5 fixtures you must include! - Property Unravelled

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Are you looking for laundry makeover ideas and have a tight budget that you need to stick to.  A laundry space can sometimes be forgotten or last on the list. But it really needs to be the most functional room in the house.   There needs to be space for dirty washing, folding, drying and cleaning products. This means cupboard space, bench tops and more but if there is only a small space then the design needs to be smart and clever.

The size of the washing machine and dryer will also determine how the space is designed so always make sure that there are correct measurements. A front loader washing machine is great for small spaces and they can be stacked but if you have a large family then a top loader has more space.  Cupboard space, room for brooms, mops and even vacuum cleaners should be considered when planning your laundry.

First of all here are some great budget laundry fixtures and fittings that you won’t want to go without.

1. Laundry Indoor clothes line or drying bar

If you have the space then you won’t want to forget about installing a indoor clothes lines.  How many times have you had to rush home to get the clothes off the line.  Or does your home looks like a Chinese laundry mat when it is raining.

Incorporating a indoor clothes line in your laundry is a great way of hanging your washing or even your completed ironing.   There are all sorts of indoor clothes line including wall mounted clothes line to the DIY version. By positioning a rod above your sink can be another option where you can hang coat hangers.  If you have the space then a indoor clothes line would be the best preference.

Drying Bar

2. Make a peg board

I love a good peg board!  These can be purchased at any hardware shop and be cut to sized.  You can paint them and frame them up to the style and design of your home.   Hooks can be used to add basket and extra shelving.   Depending on how big the peg board is you can even hang your ironing board, a basket for your iron and your clothes basket. Check out our Pinterest site for some great pegboard ideas for your laundry.

Electric Laundry Room

3. Pull out ironing board

If there is room to have a pull out iron board then this can save your back. There are all sorts of these on the markets including ones that can be mounted on the wall to ironing boards that can pull out from drawers.

Pull Out Ironing Board

4. Cupboard for laundry baskets

A built in cupboard for your laundry basket it a great idea to hide the mess.  You can even create several baskets for your colours, whites and towels. Baskets can be put in drawers or they can pull out or tip.  There are several ways that it can be done which you can ask your cabinet maker or check out Hafele who have some great drawer inserts.

Cupboard for Laundry Baskets

5. Shelf between a stacked front-loader and dryer

For those tight on space then purchasing a front loader with a dryer on top is a perfect solution.  But in such a small space there is generally little bench space.  Why not create a pull out shelf between the washing machine and dryer as a folding station.  Then when it isn’t in use it can be pushed back out of sight. The image below is a great example of a pull out shelf in a small space.

Industrial Laundry Room

Finally these are just a few laundry makeover ideas that will make your life easier.  It might not be the most exciting room in the home to plan but it certainly can make a difference in keeping your family organised.   Having a great storage system in your laundry can clean out the clutter and change your life!