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Bunnings latest trend that will surprise you! - Property Unravelled

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Who would have thought Bunnings latest trend would be fake hedges!  A few months ago walking through Bunnings I saw a whole pile of plastic fake hedges.   Not being a green thumb I was soooo tempted to buy one for one of our fences.  They were relatively cheap and the cost of me buying the plants and killing them would have been triple the price.  After some hesitation I decided against the fake option and have yet to come up with a idea.  However after scrolling through some Facebook posts my mind could be changed.


Advantages of Bunnings Fake Hedges

  • There are alot of advantages to using fake hedges compared to growing them.  Real hedges take alot of time to grow, water, fertilize and if you are anything like me my time is very precious.
  • DIY fake garden screens can look great and you can pretty much place them where ever you want without to much effort.
  • They can be used to provide privacy on fences, small courtyards, feature walls and even inside.
  • Inexpensive compared to installing and caring for real plants.
  • Easy and quick to install
  • Easy to care for.  Just need to wash down occassional with a hose.
  • They are expandable so you can cover large areas

These before and after’s look great.  If you just don’t have the budget or time to create a beautiful hedge, then this cheap little Bunnings hack could be a lifesaver.


Pool Fence Makeover

The original setting in the before photo quite clearly lacks direction and statement pieces. There is no focal point and it is quite busy/ distracting on the eye. Every component is competing to grab your attention first, not making it a sanctuary outdoor area. It feels like a collection of mis-matched plants thrown together, with no scale or thought process behind how they would all work in the final setting. With such a beautiful space as well as a pool, it is quite shame that this space isn’t being maximised to its full potential. So much space, so much opportunity, it’s lacking unity and something to tie it all together.

Now take a look at the after photo… wow! It looks like a completely new space, transformed into something completely fresh. It is clear, clean and is easy on the eye, which resembles the outdoor relaxation setting. This calming vibe created accentuates the pool quite effectively, giving the viewer a sense of piece and serenity when stepping into the beautiful outdoors. With the fake hedges breaking up the back wall, it highlights and compliments the structure of the wall. With the real plants in front, this is a great illusion on making the fake hedge look less plastic. It incorporates a beautiful backdrop for the real plants, making it all work together as a big statement piece.

This transformation was not only a desire, it was a MUST.  The difference between the before and after is incredible, clearly showing the potential of what a few fake hedges from Bunnings can do. Often when people hear the term ‘fake hedge’, they turn and run in the other direction. Often fake hedges (and artificial plants in general) are looked down upon, associated with plastic, cheap rip-off plants. But times have changed, things have advanced, including the quality of fake flora. So if you can have a natural looking hedge that requires zero maintenance, why wouldn’t you?


In this case study, Property Unravelled explored the potential of a fake hedge and just how much it can do. The benefits of a fake hedge, the difference it makes and why you would want to do the same with your very own backyard!

What could unify this beautiful space? What could maximise it to it’s full potential? Well the answer is simple, fake hedges!

Bunnings’ fake hedges don’t have to look fake with these tips and tricks! They look natural, enhance the environment and best of all are completely zero maintenance. See what fake plants can do for your space!

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