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    Do you want a modern kitchen design but not sure where to start? Kitchens remain the most popular room in the house to renovate. It’s a big job, both in terms of cost and the amount of work that gets done, so it makes sense that there are some important things to do. Check out these smart hacks and get the headstart on your next project!

    For most renovators, the kitchen is at the top of the list. We all know if done well, it’s a space that can completely boost the value of a house. But if you’re ready to start your new modern kitchen design but don’t know where to start then we have some simple tips to get you going. That perfect kitchen project is only possible if you take the time to think about all of your needs, wants and requirements. We can then influence the design to maximise design our result.

    (1) Target Customer!

    The Kitchen is where many families spend their time at home and also (no coincidence) where most of your renovation budget is spent!  If we can get the design right from the start then the rewards will be enormous.Target Customer

    So, start by considering who is living in and around the kitchen? How many people live in your household? Do they pass through the space often (think about open layout and protected cooking zone)?

    What are your shopping, cooking and eating habits? Do you need a large pantry to allow your monthly shop to be stored and accessed easily, or are you a take-away couple always too busy to cook but needs lots of open bench space to spread out on.

    Do you have a budding chef in the household that needs a smart prep and cooking area, or young children who are starting to need a homework zone within arms reach!

    (2) Space Planning

    Space Planning

    How to best utilise the available space can be the hardest part of your new kitchen project! Break it down and identify what is the available space for your new kitchen? As long as you understand that you have room for your design ideas than that is enough at this stage (yes you need basic measurements).

    If you have a floor plan than make copies and you can start scribbling ideas on this. Better still, use your floor plan as the basis of a mood board and start collecting and pasting ideas all over it…

    (3) Set Your Budget

    Perhaps the most important of all the tips. Carefully allocate your expenses across the project. Remember: costs can escalate quickly when something goes wrong – keep your ideas simple to execute, and simple to understand by others working for you.Semble Budget Card

    Be practical – standard design is fast and affordable and can still look fantastic.

    Be sensible – think about where available services are and make use of any that are workable. But don’t be afraid to relocate that sink if it is just not in the right space – as long as it will add to the value of your design.

    Be smart – minimize structural changes and focus on non-structural changes(this simply means can I leave structural walls alone and grow by using an island feature for additional functionality!

    Be disciplined!

    (4) Storage space

    Semble Storage SpaceIt goes without saying that you’ll need to ensure sufficient storage space in your new Kitchen Project. While you can never have too much storage, this does need to be balanced against budget and the overall available footprint.

    What are your storage needs? Do you want to sort and conceal your items (think clever lift-ups or drawer positioning) or do you prefer open and accessible decorative shelfing?

    Do you have alternative storage space available to you (e.g. pantry, cellar, etc.?)


    (5) form versus function

    What’s more important for your next project.? Should it look great, or should it work really well… Can you achieve both with a well-thought out plan…?Form Vs. Function

    Good design practice ensures you have tried out and explored all your ideas before spending a cent… These days there are a number of free and easy online design tools that allow you to play out your kitchen form versus function…

    Consider your everyday kitchen activities and think about where you will work, where will you store everything you need? Remember, the more frequently used something is the easier and closer is should be. To ensure freedom of movement, it is essential that the main work areas are not divided by tall units as this can impede traffic.

    Once you have all of these ideas running around your head then its time to start planning. You can start making sketches or look for an online tool. For example, bring it all together with the Semble Kitchen Builder, a simple tool that lets you visualise your new kitchen in 3D. This simple kitchen builder will allow you to lay out cabinets to scale and explore your kitchen in 3D.

    Your new kitchen project

    So when your start thinking about your new Kitchen project you will be armed with the essential tools to start off with a bang!flat pack kitchens

    Think about trends and popular styles, but always be wary about selecting a design which does not have wide appeal. And remember, if it looks right, it probably is!


    Want to know more about kitchen design then try the Semble FREE Kitchen Designer Course

    This free course is delivered by 12 weekly emails and will give you the basic tools & concepts to successfully plan your own kitchen renovation. We cover everything from start to finish!

    Or visit Semble to plan out your next project?