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I soooo wished we had of spent more time on our home plan design!  When we built our home two years ago my husband and I thought we knew what we were doing?  We had renovated 2 homes and understood the process.  We just wanted to get the plans into council and we rushed to much.  

Why getting a second opinion on your home plan designs is so important!

We got a draftsman to draw up our plans, and we showed our friends and family who suggested some changes.  Then we approved them and away we went.   However two years on we now realise the mistakes we have made in our home design.

1. Some things that really annoy me in our home are:

  • Our bedroom is to close to our main living area.
  • The toilet is to close to dining area.
  • The wardrobe needs to be closer to our ensuite.
  • We considered ducted air conditioning but were not able to have it as our roof was to flat.
  • The water tank was not put under driveway.
I can’t urge you enough to get a second opinion as when you look at your plans for so long sometimes you just don’t pick up on things. 

2. Getting a second opinion

An architect can spot these issues very quickly.  Jennifer Crawford who is a Architect from Our New Home Coach has worked with many new home builders for the past ten years helping them with issues such as:

– choosing the best block of land
– getting the most from your block
– choosing the right house design for your block
– selecting your colours and materials
– assessing the functionality of your home design
– pointing out items you may have missed
– looking at renovation options
– avoiding costly mistakes
I recently chatted to Jennifer about what the most costly mistake people make when building their home.
If you want to get a second opinion then Jennifer Crawford is offering a FREE 15 minute consultation.  Even if you have an architect then this is a great opportunity to get some further expert advice.   Click below to book in your free consultation with Jennifer.
So to help you avoid the costly mistakes then BOOK NOW and Jennifer will be in touch soon!