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Extraordinary Home Renovation that will touch your heart - Property Unravelled

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If you are stuck for ideas for Home Renovation, look deep inside and do what makes you happy. That is the philosophy of the proud owner of this unique rainbow house.  

The Happiness Rainbow House in Finley

With average house prices in Australia rising some people are resigning themselves to never being able to own their own home. But there is something so special about being able to call a place uniquely your home, that even the best rental property can’t match.  When you buy your own home, and especially if you have put your own heart and soul into a DIY renovation, the home you make is truly your own. Evoking your individual personality and style, it should welcome you with open arms and make you happy the moment you turn the corner into your street.

The Rainbow House is one of those truly personal homes

The Rainbow House in Finley is proudly owned by Gwenda Darling and brings her infinite joy and peace. It is an expression of who she is and how far she has come, and is the perfect example of putting your own touch on your home. When she bought it and moved here from Newcastle it was at a turning point in her life when she was recovering from a difficult divorce. As a way to combat her depression and to instantly make her house a home, she painted the outside rainbow colours. It certainly stands out. Gwenda states that when she moved to the are she had warned neighbours she was considering the rainbow paint job, but thinks they may have had more traditional or heritage colours in mind. The look she has gone with is best described as a gelati rainbow palette. Join our facebook group When it is completed with her candy pink animal sculptures and a little fairy garden in the front yard, the overall look is fantastic. Popular with children, the ‘Pink Lady’ as she is known, just likes to make people smile. She calls it the happiness house, and believes that there should be no such thing as a conventional landscape. She loves her new home in Finley and considers this to be a part of the world filled with interesting things. The interior of the house is also unique, with pink carpet, walls and bathroom fittings. She is by now means done with her decorating and will continue to paint rainbows inside as well. When ‘normal’ can mean un-mown grass, weedy garden beds and broken down cars in the yard, who is to say that a rainbow house shouldn’t be part of the streetscape? While at least one anonymous complaint has been made to the local council, the majority of locals seems to be responding positively to the rainbow house. This great-grandmother and former child protection worker has seen a lot of trauma in the world, and can think of no better way to make the world a kinder place than to make people smile.  And you can’t argue with that.

Other rainbow houses across the world

  Gwenda is by no means alone in her love of vibrant colour – there are quite a few homes across the globe that have been similarly decorated. ‘

1. Katwise

This one in Brooklyn, New York, is not just rainbow but wonderful patterned and adorned with eyes and smiles as well. kat's House Source: Katwise

2. Wimereux

The little coastal town of Wimereux in France is a more traditional rainbow – making us think of a life size vintage doll houses. Wimereux House Source: Wimereux

3. Neal’s Yard

Neal’s Yard in London will make your heart sing. Neals Yard Source: Neal’s Yard 4. Instabul This entire street in Istanbul has come to life. Istambul Source: https://www.boredpanda.com//istambul-turkey/?utm_source=youramazingplaces&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=organic

5. Nautilus House

The Nautilus House in Mexico is colourful, whimsically shaped like a seashell and a delight to residents and visitors. Nautilus House Source: https://www.atlasobscura.com/places/nautilus-house-seashell-architecture

Home Renovation Tips: How does colour in your home affect your health and wellbeing?

Psychologists and interior decorators alike will tell you that using colour in your home has a direct effect on your mood, health and wellbeing. While certain colours can bring out the same reactions in different people, the main thing you should do is choose colours and combinations that make you happy. Blues in the home are peaceful and serene, while greens and earthy colours make you feel grounded and connected with your natural environment. Reds and pinks bring excitement, energy, joy, and love, purples can be rich and luxurious, and yellows and oranges can be happy, inspiring and creative. (Orange has also been reported to make people angry – so watch how you use it. With great colour palettes comes great responsibility!) Using colour in your interior and exterior design can be a little daunting to beginners, but Gwenda has shown us that confidence can make anything possible. You might prefer to go with different shades and blends, but using colours like blue, yellow, green and red in your home is a wonderful way to add personality and make it all yours. And the end result that all home renovators and DIY enthusiasts are trying to achieve is a place where they feel welcomed and at home. Choose your colour palette to achieve this feeling for you, and don’t be put off by what other people might think. Do what makes you happy!