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Interior Design advice can be a costly luxury that in reality, most of us simply can’t afford. When we think of interior design, we often think of Greg Natale, Shaynna Blaze, Darren Palmer and other signature designers that would be too expensive to even dream of, because after all, it is just a luxury. So how can we combat this? How could we possibly get this luxurious in a realistic budget? I’d like to welcome you to a 21st century new approach to design, E-Styling. This term simply means interior design and decorating services online.Online interior design services, e-decorating and e-interior design is a convenient and affordable way to get the look for less for your space, or even entire home!

If you’re under the impression E-Styling is limited, let me show you exactly why it’s the opposite. Take a look at the list of endless possibilities there are available:


So you want to design a room from scratch, but where do you begin? From walls, doors, furniture, fittings and so, so many more things to consider, this can definitely be an overwhelming process.

E-Styling avenues have been created to assist in the overload of questions you may have, and provide overall support to push you in the right direction.

Milray Park are a great source for design advice online. By simply entering a brief, collaborating with an online designer and coming up with your dream design, you end up with an entire shopping list to make the process simpler than ever. This is a valuable investment and for only $299 per room, this is extremely affordable and worthwhile.

Online Interior Design


Renovating – ever heard anybody say this is an easy process? Because in all my years in the interior design industry, I sure haven’t. It’s a large process where things can easily go wrong. To ensure all your new crazy ideas work together and function well, space planning is a must. Reno Vogue specialise in layout advice, building design, all the way through interior design.

Reno Vogue Kitchen


A don’t in design: buy all pieces of furniture you love without any thought for how they would work together. A definite do in design: plan ahead, have a theme or style you would like to stick with so it simultaneously works. Whether your style is modern or traditional, industrial or Scandinavian, don’t make the mistake of mis-matching items and letting it be a miss. Having a company like House of Allure by your side, will help you plan ahead and ensure the space will harmonise beautifully

House of Allure


It’s great to see an overall space, but fit outs are extremely vital to all principles of design. Arquette offer kitchen and bathroom advice including the fittings and fixtures. They have great, affordable packages that will make sure your kitchen or bathroom renovation is nothing less than pure success.


Whether you are trying to add value to your home for selling purposes, or simply want to spec it up for AirBNB, E-Styling is definitely your friend. Interior Design consultants like Emma Bloomfield could help you achieve a successful result to increase the value of your space. With simple options like $349 per room, this solution certainly pays itself off and more!

Emma Bloomfield


If you’re the type of person who likes to really take control and do things yourself, this one is definitely the option for you. An interior design course will gain you those valuable skills you require to become qualified, enabling you to have the confidence to re-design or re-decorate any space. A way we have found this most successful is through The Decorating School. The Decorating School offers a range of online courses for diversity, flexibility and affordability to give you the creative building blocks needed for design.

The Decorating School

Being an interior designer myself, I often come across people needing direction with design. They possibly love a piece but don’t know how to make it work in a space, or simply can’t visualise how to make a whole room work together and find it quite a frustrating process. Having professional recommendations and advice right at your fingertips is essential to a successful design, so there’s no need to second guess or feel that crushing sense of uncertainty.

7. Interior Design advice

The House to Home Facebook group is super active and friendly. This is where I hang out and provide free Interior Design advice on a Wednesday. We’re always chatting, helping each other out, sharing the latest interior design, DIY, renovation and building tips. It’s also where we run our promotions and competitions!  All you need to do is CLICK HERE and say hi!

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Let E-styling give you the confidence you need to create a beautiful space, on a budget. You simply can’t go wrong!

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