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The $5 Kmart hack you will either love or hate! - Property Unravelled

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Who would have thought this Kmart hack could make such an impact?  I am a member of a number of Facebook groups and it seems that the topic of conversation is should I use contact/vinyl to cover my bathroom vanity, kitchen benchtop or cupboards.   It has been used to cover everything from kitchen benches, cupboards and bathroom doors.

You may be thinking what is she talking about?  How can you cover bench tops with contact paper.  There is now a large variety of contact paper available which is much more sophisticated than the white that used to be available when I was at school.  You can get marble, brick patterns, all colours, leopard skin, tile look and even a stainless steel contact.

The Kmart mums have some great tips on how not to get bubbles. These include:

    • Give the surface a really good clean
    • Using a spray bottle with washing up liquid and spray on the surface before placing the contact down helps
    • Some people use credit cards and rulers to help but other’s found it tore the contact.
    • A plastic scraper as it doesn’t tear the paper is a good option.
    • Doing it really slowly and peeling the paper bit by bit helps.  Don’t remove to much of the backing as it tends to get stuck.
    • Don’t have long nails as this can rip the paper.
    • If you are wanting to remove it some of the Kmart mums have found acetone helps.

The Block Vinyl Wrap – Kingi and Caro’s Bath

Now I know this is not contact. This is Vinyl Wrap. It is the amazing bath from Kingi and Caro’s The Block.   I think if you want to make a statement then using professional products can really make a WOW factor. Here is a great video on how to wrap your bath in vinyl I found!  Imagine the endless possibilities you could create in a bathroom with this product!

The Block Vinyl Wrap

Below are some DIY Contact transformations that you will either love or hate!

1. DIY Stainless Steel Appliances

I must admit this fridge transformation looks pretty good to me. I just wonder what will happen to the contact paper when it get’s wet?  Some of the mums have had no problems with mould or damp after they have removed it. Appliances can be expensive and if you have a fridge in good working order then maybe a bit of contact could spruce it up?

DIY Stainless Steel Appliances

These before and after’s look great.  If you just don’t have the budget to paint then this cheap little hack could be a lifesaver.

DIY Bathroom Vanity Idea

2. Give your linen cupboard a makeover!

I see this as a fabulous example of where contact paper can be used.  If you have old shelving within your linen cupboard that needs a new lease of life,  contact paper could be a great way to update and transform the shelving.

Linen Cupboard a Makeover

How cute is this.  A kid’s play kitchen!   This is by far my favorite kind of contact paper DIY.  It looks amazing and any kid would dream of a kitchen like this!

DIY Kids Kitchen

4. Kids Furniture Makeover

I think some furniture could be used for contact.  I did do it on my son’s toy box as I couldn’t be bothered sanding and painting.   It is a quick and easy fix but I would stick to basic furniture, cupboard drawers and kids DIY toys.  There are also some great ideas for wallpapering furniture. Check out these great transformations! Zanui has a great range of wallpapers which you can get delivered straight to your door.   Sometimes recyling furniture is a great idea but some kids furniture is really affordable. Check out Matt Blatt kids furniture for ideas on decorating.

Kids Furniture Makeover

5. Marble look kitchen benchtop

Contact paper is fast becoming a more popular option to update kitchen bench tops. As stated above some of the mums have found that using acetone helps to remove it and have had no problems with mould or dampness.
Marble Look Kitchen Benchtop

Love it or loathe it?

This DIY hack is really causing some controversy. You either love it or loathe it. If you rent a property, I would suggest you get approval from your landlord or you just may end up paying thousands of dollars for a new kitchen if you can’t remove it properly.

Kmart Vinyl Wrap

Kmart Vinyl Wrap/div>

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