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Table Kmart furniture hack that will blow your mind! - Property Unravelled

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If you are looking an easy Kmart furniture hack here is a DIY project that gives big results, check out this super cute table K-mart hack.

How to DIY this super cute table – Kmart furniture hack

We just love a Kmart hack – don’t we? I think there’s a few reasons for this.  Saving money is a big part of home renovation, but even more than that we love the journey that it takes to get to the end product. It isn’t just owning a beautiful piece of furniture, it’s all the time and
effort and pleasure we get in the crafting process.  It’s also the bragging rights we get, for not only having a table that our friends can’t just pick up anywhere (don’t you just love the, ‘Where did you get that?’ comments…), but for being able to say,  ‘Oh, that? I made that.’
And an extra bonus of the Kmart DIY hack is that it involves wandering around some of our favourite random-wandering shops – namely Kmart and Bunnings!  There is nothing about this project that I don’t love.

Kmart DIY enthusiast

Trish Ivison, Kmart DIY enthusiast and generally nice, talented sort, has been happy to share this hack project with Property Unravelled.
Trish loves doing DIY and always see things that she likes but can’t afford. She loves changing her decorating every three months (I hear ya!) which can get very expensive.  With over 129 cushions, and other items such as throws to match her mood of the season her DIY inspiration helps cut down the costs.  She got her inspiration for this project from necessity and accident – as so many of us do.

Trish had a parquetry 8-seater dining table but there was never enough seating.  So, she was always borrowing a fold up table to add extra dining space for her guests.  Her big plan was to attempt a timber parquetry table top to add to her large dining table but she
wanted to practice small. Her ‘practice’ ended up creating this super cute coffee table which is so much more than just a trial run.

She did some online research (another one of the great things about DIY and home reno!) by looking on Pinterest and Google how to make a parquetry coffee table and thought, ‘Hell, I can do this.’  Watching a YouTube video from America she noticed that they did a parquetry in the chevron and the timber was very thin.   So, she decided to use Balsa wood because it didn’t require using power tools, and could be cut with just a stanley knife.

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Kmart hack Parquetry table


  • 3 x Balsa wood planks (915 x 100 x 4 mm) – $5.95 each from Bunnings (and she had left overs for
    other projects!)  – Bunnings Balsa WoodKmart furniture
  • 1 x sheet Bunnings 240 grain sandpaper  – Bunnings Sandpaper
  • Stanley Knife – usually have one but can be purchased at Bunnings
  • Poster Paint from Kmart – $2
  • Paint Brush – Using the same width as the wood is best. A natural hair paintbrush is best for balsa wood
  • Coffee – To create the gold/beige colour tint, I used a couple of spoons of black coffee mixed with hot water and then painted 2 coats. You could also use motor oil for a similar effect.
  • Hot glue gun and Glue – Kmart
  • 1 x length 6 mm twisted rope from Bunnings
  • Varnish from Bunnings
  • Table – Kmart


How To

  1. Measure the Balsa wood planks to your desired length and then cut with the Stanley knife (Trish did her pieces 33mm x 100mm).
  2. Sand and then paint and stain as you like before fixing the planks to the table.
  3. Trish used a mix of black and white poster paint to get her desired grey. BalsKmart hacka wood absorbs colour really well, so you may need to water it down; you will probably need to do 3 coats of each plank.
  4. Trish has chosen a herringbone pattern which works beautifully. She sectioned of the top of the table and then quartered it and then started the first piece of the top of the line.  (The point started at the top in the centre of the circle.)
  5. Once it is all glued together, flip it upside down and leave it to dry overnight. Use the Stanley knife to trim any overhanging edges.
  6. Use the medium grain sandpaper to sand around the edges so they were even with the backing underneath.
  7. Trish also used the sandpaper and sanded all over the top and took off some of the stain to create her weathered look.
  8. Varnish the table.  Leave to dry to 2 hours and then give it a second coat.
  9. Measure two rows of the rope around the edge of the table. Then cut and affix using the hot glue gun. This will cover up the white melamine of the table and also any visible joins.
  10. Apply another coat of varnish over the rope.
  11. In another couple of days, you will probably need to do another 2 coats of varnish to fill up the little cracks.

If you love Kmart hacks and hacks check out my this Kmart blog. We also have some Bunnings hacks that you might be keen to look at here.

Trish thought that this would be a great little DIY project, and we have to agree with her. So many of you out there could attempt this too – and even put your own personal decorative spin to it!  If you do try this project, make sure you send in photos of the finished table – we would love to see . your efforts.