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Landscaping costs you must check when building a home! - Property Unravelled

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Landscaping costs are one of the biggest items people forget to budget for when building a home. We chatted with William and Jenny from Pavewell Constructions to advise us on the top things to check for in your new home contract.

Landscaping costs you must check when building a home

When we built our home recently landscaping was the last thing we thought about.  Did we get a big surprise when we got our quote at the end of our build!!  We asked William from Pavewell Constructions a top landscape expert for some of the most common items people forget to budget for when building their new home, so you can avoid these pitfalls.


1. Check your home building contact 

William from Pavewell Constructions advised that there are 6 things that must be checked in your contact to find out what extra’s you will be required to pay for.   These are:

  • Retaining wall on boundary line  – If you do have to build a retaining wall on a boundary then check that you won’t have to pay a penalty if there are any delays.
  • Driveway and Landscaping quotes off the plan may change so always include a landscaping contingency in your budget. Make sure quotes for landscaping and driveway include machine work – excavation The builder only levels block to build house.
  • Drainage around your home – If your contract advises that drainage lines have to be installed around your home after the build.  Bill from Pavewell Constructions advises “if your house cracks and you do not have drainage your build warranty is VOID”
  • Levelling the block and removal of extra material –   This is sometimes a extra cost on top of the contract.  So check with your builder to find out if this will be a extra item
  • Penalties for non compliance. 
  • Is your block level or sloped?  If sloped – a cut and fill is required which is a extra cost

Port Macquarie Building


2. Make a list of things landscaping items and put it in a spreadsheet

Below William from Pavewell Construction has provided a list of items that you can put in your budget and cross check these with your spreadsheet.  We have a free budget spreadsheet for you to download here so you can add these in.These are:

  • Turf – how much you require.   Builders do not always allocate enough square metres of turf
  • Paving
  • Driveway  – In some builders quotes a plain concrete driveway is only quoted.  You need to allocate costs for paved/stencilled or coloured concrete.
  • BBQ area – do you require this to be paved or concreted
  • Vegetable garden design
  • Water features
  • Tap placement
  • Pool
  • Clothesline
  • Children’s play equipment
  • Outside electrical and lighting
  • Watertanks
  • Decking

Pavewell Constructions Pool Coping Pavewell Constructions

3. Get quotes from a licensed professional tradies

If your builder does not include certain items in your contract it is important to get quotes from professional tradesman before commencing your build.  It is recommended that you choose a landscaper at the beginning of the project as their design may require some changes to the plans.  Many first time home builders think that landscaping seems easy, right?   You just need to dig a few holes and put some plants in.  However this could not be further than the truth.   Bill from Pavewell Constructions says “Many new home builders can get so confused with what is included in their home contract.  Many customers I have worked with forgot to budget for essential items such as retaining walls and guttering.”   Deck Pavewell ConstructionsPavewell Constructions

 Good luck with your new home and if you are wanting more tips to help you with your landscaping in Port Macquarie, then contact Bill from Pavewell Constructions.  


Pavewell Constructions Jenny and BillBill is the owner operator of Pavewell Constructions for the past 25 plus years.  Previously was foreman/superviser for 10 years with Wards Civil supervising millions of dollars in earth and roadworks She is passionate about inspiring positive changes in eating and lifestyle behaviours to help improve health, whilst nurturing relationships with food and body.

Jenny comes from a farming back ground, and loves working outside and designing wonderful gardens and playgrounds.

Connect with Bill and Jenny via their website and on social media.