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Are you looking for Newcastle home builders to build or renovate your dream home in Newcastle?   It is easy to get confused when you are building or renovating.   There are endless quotes, extra costs, interests rates and endless decisions.   Unless you know people who have built or renovated in Newcastle it is hard to get reviews.

I’d like to share with you some simple ideas that can help you build your dream home in Newcastle.

Building your dream home with Newcastle home builders and tradies

1. Chat with others who are building or renovating in Newcastle

Are you getting confused by the builder jargon, extra costs and endless decisions. Do you search in google for custom home builders Newcastle and just don’t know which one to choose?   What if you want to quickly ask for recommendations for a Newcastle plumbing service or you just need some tips and hints.   Instead of battling this massive project on your own like we did come and join the  Newcastle + Lake Macquarie Building and Reno community.   Our members are friendly, supportive and live in the Newcastle area.  Also check out my blog on the 10 steps to choosing a quality builder here that can provide you with some more great tips.

2. Budget well when building a new home

When you are building or renovating a home it is one of the biggest financial outgoing’s you make in your lifetime.   So it is important to get it right and not cause financial stress on your family.   Getting the best mortgage advice and also ensuring that you get the best quote for your project is important.   If you are struggling to work out how much your home will cost head over to my blog to grab some free budgeting advice.

If you would like to get some tips and hints from other members in the area of who they recommend then make sure you head on over to our Newcastle + Lake Macquarie Building and Reno community.

3. Research

My husband and I built our first home last year in Port Macquarie.  It was a very long 12 months as we built two townhouses and they were required to go through Council.   After a very exhausting but rewarding 12 months we finally got to move in.    One of the most important learnings from our build was ensuring you do your research from where you choose the location to spending alot of time in the planning phase.   If you are purchasing land I would chat to Newcastle local Council.  I have put together the top 5 questions you must ask Council if you are purchasing land here.  Don’t forget to get our 5 Affordable tips Free Download for building your new home here as well.


4.House floor plans

I have put together the top 5 mistakes when choosing the right plans for your home here. I would also recommend posting your plans in our Newcastle + Lake Macquarie Building and Reno community and ask our members for feedback. I think the more people that look at your plans the better.


5. Join our Newcastle Facebook Group

Debbie a local says “What a fabulous idea this  Newcastle + Lake Macquarie Building and Reno community. We are getting quotes at the moment for our new home. Looking forward to ideas”

So come and join Debbie along this slightly daunting, yet very exciting journey into building or renovating your home.

All you need to do is Click here and join.  Say hi and introduce yourself and tell us what stage of the build or renovation you are up to.  We love before and after photo’s as well.

See you soon and here’s to your new home!



Would you like to get a taste of like-minded people who are building or renovating in the Newcastle area? We would love to have you over in our Newcastle + Lake Macquarie Building and Reno community where you can meet others and network and chat in a safe and welcoming environment.


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