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Prepare to Renovate. Top 5 Home Renovation Tips

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Home renovation is messy, chaotic, exciting – a venture into the unknown and unexpected. To pull off a successful renovation it takes patience and planning. Every renovation has its problems and every house has its hidden secrets that are only revealed once work has begun. You can allow for a few surprises in the budget but not for poor choices and planning. Here are my top 5 home renovation tips to consider before you start ripping up that ugly carpet (as tempting as that might be).

1. Choose the type of renovation

Is this a renovation for new bathrooms, a kitchen or the whole house? Will your budget stretch to allow for painting, flooring and bathrooms? If you plan to renovate one area will it affect another and as a result also need to be renovated? One seemingly simple renovation job can quickly turn into many. Researching and understanding the work involved to renovate the parts of the house you wish can prevent costly surprises.


2. Design your renovation

Are you and your partner making all the design decisions for this renovation? Or are you going to use the services of an interior designer? It may seem an expensive option, but they are worth their weight in gold. A professional designer will save you from amateur mistakes, embarrassing feature walls and money to boot. Did you know they also offer E-Styling and design which can save you time and money. Check out our directory of our recommended E-Stylists. When we built recently we made so many changes and we just couldn’t make up our mind. This added extra time and expense onto our budget?

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3. Find Tradies

How are you going to find your tradesman and are they any good? One word – referrals. Use your networks! Ask fellow members on our Facebook page (that’s what it’s there for). Who do you know that has just finished a renovation? Go to their house and view the quality of work for yourself. Was the tiler any good? Get their number. Be careful who you choose, shonky work is expensive to fix, not to mention heart breaking.  Some great tradie websites include Hi Pages where you can get 3 quotes and even Air Tasker is becoming a popular place to find tradies.

4. Patience when renovating

Don’t rush it. That mustard wall colour and the avocado green bath from 1976 makes you want to scratch your eyes out. But you can live with it…for now. Tradesman, colour schemes, structural changes, new furniture – NOTHING. Take your time and plan accordingly. It will be well worth the wait when the finished product is exactly how you dreamed it (and under budget!)

5. Plan a renovating schedule

What needs to be done first, second, third and so on? Does one job rely on another being finished? What is the last thing you should do (think flooring)? Talk to your tradies ahead of time to make sure they are available at the times you require. Hold ups can happen when tradies and jobs are not coordinated. Hold ups equal money and you could lose your tradie to another job, only to never to return!

6. DIY – Home Renovation Tips

What, if anything, are you going to do yourself? Prepping jobs before tradesman arrive can shave off a few thousand that can go towards that new couch you have your eye on. For example, pulling out the old bathroom yourself (make sure you check for asbestos walls first). Or ripping up carpet and stripping old panelling from walls. Just make sure you don’t touch anything electrical or attempt to do any plumbing yourself.

At the end of the day we all want value for money and a job well done. Planning is key and as important as the job itself. Home renovating will never be easy but do your homework and you will help to ease some of the pain and expense. Good luck and happy renovating!

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