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Sexy modern bathroom - What's in for 2017! - Property Unravelled

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Do you want a sexy modern bathroom? A great bathroom can make or break a home. Property Unravelled has interviewed one of our favourite members of the Hastings Building and Renovation group who works in the Plumbing industry in Port Macquarie. She has shared her top 2017 tips and trends.

Q1 Are black fittings in or out?

Black has definately become more popular over the past 12 months with more suppliers expanding their ranges which include black tap ware, showers, vanity bowls, accessories and now the black kitchen sinks. Black is a personal preference and needs to be considered long term as trends change and so does each persons taste, you need to be sure you are happy to look at something so different and bold everyday.
Are black fittings in or out?


Q2 Living in regional areas such as Port Macquarie are we keeping up with the bathroom trends?

Port Macquarie is easy to keep up to date with changing trends and fittings. Each plumbing store has access to different suppliers, and different products. People really need to steer clear of the internet and buying “bargains” off the web. I mean how do you contact someone if there is a fault or a service issue?

Q3 Are double or single shower heads hot or not?

Double shower heads are hot and people buy them for different reasons. Its up to each person as to what use they want out of it (most people love the hand held function for cleaning), how much they want to spend etc.

The Paddington Project Modern Bathroom Sydney


Q4 Freestanding or built in’s what is the trend for 2017?

Freestanding baths are sexy and hot but practicality needs to be considered. If it’s someone that doesn’t have children or are older and don’t use the bath that’s fine. We wont be putting in a freestanding for the same reason as you, we want to have children and its easier with a drop in bath.

City Homes Contemporary Bathroom Toronto

Q5 Can loo’s look good?

Toliets:) Not so glamous but the in wall cistern looks great but no so practical! You need to ensure you have access to the internals either from the front or the back. I personally like the back to wall suites, clean and stylish.


Q6 Hanging bathroom cabinets or to the floor

Hanging bathroom cabinets

Yep. 9/10 vanities sold are wall hung. People normally only go to the floor if they are replacing an exiting vanity and are restricted by wastes through the floor or tiled in vanities.


Q7 Floor waste

Strip gate or tile insert. It’s really a mixture to be honest. Most builders i think charge more to put in a strip grate or a tile insert floor waste, so it really depends. If it is a more modern type of home with fancy things they’ll do a grate or tile insert, if its just entry level they’ll do a standard floor waste.

The biggest take away is to steer clear of online purchases that are not name branded or “too good to be true”.

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