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Top 5 Inclusions You Shouldn't Skimp On When Building A House - Property Unravelled

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Building a house for many Australians is the dream. But for many of us, a little thing called budget gets in the way. So, we have to compromise on the wow factor a little and stick to the essentials. But even if you are on a tight budget, there are some things that you just don’t want to skimp on if you can help it.

These are the things that you either won’t be able to change once the house is built, or that will be a massive pain in the you know where if you do have to change them.

So here are our Top 5 Inclusions You Shouldn’t Skimp On When Building A House.

1. Your Floor Coverings

You may think this is one of the areas you can actually just stick to the builders choice and run with it. But have you ever had to replace carpet before in a fully furnished house? You practically have to move out of each room you are replacing. And, it is one of those things, what you save now, you will only spend later on. So choosing a carpet that is a few dollars dearer for better quality that will last you longer will actually save you thousands of dollars in 5 years time. So try and go for the best quality floor coverings you can afford at the time of building.   Check out our blog on Choosing the right floor coverings for your home online.

Your Floor Coverings

2. Painting your home

You may look at your list of inclusions and see that your house will get 2 coats of paint plus undercoat. Well, from experience, this can be a very loose term. 2 coats of sprayed on paint versus 2 coats of roller on paint will give you a noticeable quality difference. Paint that has been applied with a roller or brush is actually thicker on the wall than sprayed. The type of paint used will also make a big difference. Make sure your paint is a high quality wash and wear paint and not just a builder quality. Trust me, when you go to wipe over your walls, you will notice the difference and not to mention painting a whole house is not high on anyone’s to do list! Check out this great app from Dulux which allows you to visualise paint colours. This is my hallway with different colour Dulux paints on it.


Painting your home

3. Appliances

If you have the option to upgrade your oven to a larger 900mm as opposed to the standard 600mm for example, then go for it. This is something that you will not be able to easily change down the track as most appliances are built in, therefore you will be up for cabinet modifications as well as the new appliance.  Buying appliances online is a great way to save some money.  We have partnered with an amazing company called Semble who create high quality flat pack kitchens but they also offer appliances as well.   



4. Electrical and Cabling:

If you are going to want some extra power outlets or lighting installed in your home, getting this done during the building process is the best time to do it. The access is so much easier which will actually keep your labour costs down. This is also a good time to wire your house for internet or internal services before the plaster goes up as access is o much easier at this point that crawling through your roof-space after your house is built!  This great article from Choice will provide you with the low down for cabling your new home.   We also found a great little online led light planner called Lime Lighting. They provide you with a lighting plan like this below.

Electrical and Cabling

5. Storage

If you have the option to modify your floor plan or you are deciding between a couple of plans, choose the one with the better storage solutions. Some houses believe it or not, are built without a linen cupboard, or they are a single token gesture. After living in a house that lacked serious storage options, I would never go back and do that again. And again, this is something you can’t add down the track unless you are a fan of Ikea and building DIY cupboards with Allan Keys!  If you can’t afford the wardrobe fit out the builder is offering then there are some great cheap options including Kitchens by You. They do cabinetry for wardrobes which you can design and order online.   We had our walk in robe and son’s wardrobe fitting out and it was the best thing we ever did.  Having great storage in a laundry can also make the difference as well.


So, there you have it, our Top 5 Inclusions You Shouldn’t Skimp On When Building A House. But as we said, budget does factor in to most house build, so try and make the most of what you do have to play with whilst still getting your dream home.


Top 5 inclusions not to skimp on