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8 Awesome guest room updates just in time for Christmas! - Property Unravelled

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The Christmas season is just around the corner and it’s the perfect time to have guests over, but you feel like your home isn’t nice enough to entertain… sound familiar? Trust me, we understand the struggle.

But now, thanks to our in-house interior designer, we have created a way to update your guest bedroom for under $200. Yes, UNDER $200!

Take a look at the beautiful design created by Rebecca that is affordable, luxurious and easy to do. It will definitely make you confident in having guests over, knowing they’ll be comfortable in a place you can take pride in.

Tips from Rebecca our interior designer

Rebecca C

When updating a room, it’s easy to get carried away with a wild imagination and crazy ideas. But when it’s for a guest room that won’t be regularly used, you want to do this on a budget. Investing in places that are more common spaces used on an everyday basis is where you want to indulge for more effective results. But you still want to make your guest bedroom look amazing, right?

You sure do, and you definitely can. When redesigning a guest bedroom, just remember it’s about the overall feel of the space as opposed to the final details such as wall treatments and flooring which can quickly become costly.

Remember this rule of thumb; small changes, large impact.

To show you a prime example of small changes and large impact, I have personally redesigned a room on a budget that implements this. It is very easy to see that there are no structural changes, but just a collection of loose furnishings and décor touches to make the dramatic changes needed. By incorporating different design elements from the form of an artwork to the texture of a cushion, bringing it all today for an overall impact is simple. Take a look below!



Selection Diary


You have visitors, so it goes without saying they will have luggage. Providing a space for them to neatly place their shoes will make them feel at home, and as if the space has been thought out specifically for their needs as opposed to just a spare bed in an unloved room.


A feature or occasional chair is always a very nice touch, that adds luxury to any space. It is also suitable spot for your guests to unwind with a book, further relaxing on their time away from home.IN-house interior designer


The reason for selecting this reversible grey and black piece is that it is neutral, but still versatile enough to mix up for a change when needed.


Soft, contrast and texture texture texture! Cushions are a great way to bring the colour out of an artwork, really making the space pop.


There is so many beautiful artwork pieces out there, it’s so hard to narrow it down to one. The reason I chose this artwork is because I felt like it was a strong piece that was neutral enough to suit the room, but introducing colour in a modest way.


A darker colour for the backdrop always helps set the scene, letting the features in front be the star of the show.


Because who doesn’t love storage? This is a storage solution that is fun, relaxed and playful, as anyone would like to feel when on holidays!

So update your home now, to make your guests feel at home these holidays!