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Why interior design matters - our top five tips! - Property Unravelled

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Why does interior design matter? Have you ever entered a home where the layout and interior design was all wrong? The wall color was to bright and the flooring just didn’t match.   Was the bedroom to close to the kitchen and where was all the storage space.

Building or renovating can be such a rewarding and exciting project. However get it all wrong and it could cost thousands. Planning space is one of the most important tasks that can be undertaken when renovating or building. Ensuring that rooms flow, the color is right, the furniture fits and there is enough storage are just some of the things that you need to consider. Style, colour, textures and the list goes on. Lisa Christie from Visual Edge

Property Unravelled interviewed Lisa Christie from Visual Edge Interior design a multi award-winning designer. Lisa has provided us with her top five tips to ensure you get it just right!

1. Research and planning are key to interior design

Pinterest or scrapbook ideas in advance to get clarity on what you really like. Scribble on pictures, take notes and get clear on what you really like.

2. Plan your project and be organized

Most professional or commercial builds are specified fully well before a builder provides a quote. If a builder doesn’t have detail, it’s virtually impossible for him to provide an accurate quote. Finishes can be selected in advance from your plans so don’t leave it to the last-minute. Always keep samples and put all of your project information and samples in a small box (keep it together) for reference along the way.

3. Get your priorities right

Lifestyle priorities need to be carefully considered. Knowing what you want out of the home will really help to achieve your lifestyle goals. Goals such as an extra room for guests or wanting to have a bath are just some of the things you will need to consider.   This should be clear before you look at floor plans to maintain clarity. Looking at lots of floor plans can cloud your judgement.

4. Aspect

Do living areas face north so that you’ll have a sunny living area which is well protected In summer yet sunny in winter? Is the home protected from the hot westerly sun? Check that your new home is well situated on the block and designed to suit its aspect. This can make a huge difference to the heating/ cooling efficiency of the home and can really make a huge difference to your lifestyle.

5. Be confident with your design or get some professional help

Professional Designers
Good or bad design can make or break the result like  you wouldn’t believe! Spend 3-5 hours with a professional interior designer and have all the interior and exterior selections done and dusted….yes I mean EVERYTHING. Whew! What a relief.

One last tip!  Don’t take design advice from a tradesmen, best
friend, mother or your neighbour. Stay focused on what’s right for ‘you’.

Thank Lisa for your amazing words of wisdom!  If you need some professional advice check out Visual Edge here!

Would you like to join a community of like-minded people who are building or renovating in the local area?  We would love to have you over in our House to Home Hub where you can get tips like this and chat to others who are building and renovating.