Cotton and Metal Rope Canopy Pendant Light Large


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The Large Cotton Rope Canopy Pendant Light is an earthy and inviting accent piece that brings Boho charm to your personal living space. The shade’s cotton weave has intricate detailing at the top surrounding the light bulb, with gaps for the light to diffuse through. The multi-length ends dangle freely for a carefree vibe that adds a casual, relaxed element to any space. This pendant light is an attention-getter and is sure to draw a comment or two if placed in a hallway or sitting area. The soft cotton and white and natural linen tones reflect a space that’s unique and inviting. A bright, warm-tone light bulb works best here as the cotton diffuses a lot of light and could dim a lower wattage bulb. The pendant light measures 35 cms (L) X 35 cms (W) X 145 cms (H) and is a great fit for high ceiling and open spaces.



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