Facebook Ads Training – Beginner


Our 1.5 hour Live Video Zoom Workshop Facebook Ads Training will set you up with the basics. 


Our 1.5 hour Live Video Zoom Workshop Facebook Ads Training will set you up with the basics. 

Our training will be held on Tuesday July 30th at 10am – 11:30am via online Zoom link. You will receive a live recording of our training after our session and we have limited space of only 5 people per training.

You have been posting on facebook and understand the basics of marketing your business and you now want to take the leap into using advertising on Facebook. This workshop  is just what you need. You will walk away feeling confident that you can quickly create a Facebook Ads that will start converting to leads in your business.

If you have been using Facebook and boosting a post but not getting any return then you have probably worked out that it needs a bit more thought. 

This is a common complaint I have heard however there are a few variables you need to understand before you start facebook advertising. These are have you got the right message, are you targeting the right audience. what images are you using are just some.  All these things can make creating a advert very overwhelming. 

1. Our Facebook Advertising course covers the following topics:

* How to install your facebook pixel 

* A tour of Facebook Ads Manage

* How to determine what audience you should use

* The structure of the Advert 

* How to create a good ad using a proven marketing template.

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