Goathide Bar Stool


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Goat hide and metal have been fabulously styled and crafted in this retro bar stool, one that will do nothing other than command attention in your home. The four aluminium legs have taken on a very contemporary and rectangular shaping, having been joined together at the base as well as in the middle of the stool. The rectangular and boxed effect allows this piece to be nothing short of avant-garde and this has been further highlighted in the actual stool section, which is perfectly squared. The dash of unique awesomeness comes in the way that the creator behind this stool has covered the seat with goat hide. A myriad of whites, browns, greys and blacks bounce off the hide, standing as by far the most commanding aspect of this stool. In a set of two or three and placed around your bar, you are guaranteed an individual interior scheme as well as years of fun with friends and family.



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