Granicium Wash Basin


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We had an idea – swords into ploughshares or rather, braziers into basins! Instead of fire-resistant CeraFlam®, we could make our brazier from waterproof Granicium® – a unique washbasin would be born. A washbasin on four feet, made from elegant, high-strength, granite ceramic, the like of which had never been seen before. It was designed for people who want to get away from the white monotony of conventional bathroom ceramics.
What looks quite simple was actually a lot more complicated in practice. Granicium® is very difficult to work with and being able to make the desired shape out of Granicium® demanded a great deal of time, knowledge and experience. In the end we managed it and we are very proud of our achievement.
The washbasin has a transparent glaze on the inside, so it is easy to clean thoroughly. Granicium® is resistant to acids and suds so that even chalky residue can be easily removed if required. The ceramic is very thick-walled and sturdy and feels wonderful to the touch.
There is an outlet for connection at the bottom of the basin, so that it can be mounted on a washstand. Installation using standard parts is easy. Our washbasin does not have an overflow.
– High-quality and very solid
– Resistant to acid and soapsuds
– Easy to clean and hygienic
– Handmade in Germany
– Made from patented Granicium® granite ceramic
– Granicium® won the MATERIALICA GOLD Award for innovative materials
– Granicium® was also awarded the DESIGN PLUS Award by the German Design Council
– Transparent glaze on the inside. The colour shimmers with natural grey tones
– Fired in an open gas oven
Ø 32cm, H 17.5cm, 7.0kg, 6.0l volume



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