Green Meadows Green Wall | Vertical Garden 1m x 1m

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These artificial green screen panels look amazing whether you’re decorating your home, fence, balcony or wall.  They create a instant hedge screen and they are the perfect solution to add a green screen panel wall.

It can also add a splash of colour your event, function or even wedding.   It is made from dense mondo grass accompanied by red photinia leaves and aloe vera with mixed hanging foilage added in.

The artificial green screen panels can be used inside or outside and are super easy to install.  They are just joined together using a hole and lug system which means you can make any size you want.  The panels come as a 1 metre by 1 metre size.

Key Benefits:
They are amazing for your fences, walls, patios, balconies, and you can even building a free standing hedge.

  1. Really easy to install (the perfect DIY Product).
  2. Amazing Quality.
  3. Little maintenance and is  green all year-round.
  4. UV designed.
  5. Looks real .
  6. Instant transformation.
  7. Highly durable and reusable in different areas.

Make your Vertical Garden as large as you’d like – they are easy, and quick to join together, and provide instant results.



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