Iron and Leather Bar Stool, Ribbed


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Give your bar area the quality and gorgeous lift that it so desires with this unique and classy bar stool. Two of interiors most fabulous materials have been merged, namely iron and leather, to create an uber-comfortable and ever classy style of stool. With a dark, bold and striking iron as the frame of this piece, a light tone of leather has been used to create the seating and backing element of this stool. The starkness of the iron compliments the rich colouring of the leather perfectly and the individuality has been shown in the way that the leather has been meticulously and artistically ribbed throughout, creating a modern and edgy feel to a style of material that is traditionally vintage. Stitched around the edges too, this bar stool is an absolute must have, one that is destined to bring a dash of avant-garde pizazz to your bar area.



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