Matt Blatt Replica Erik Buch Bar Stool 66cm with Swivel in Ash Black

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Ring in happy hour with the best seat in the house thanks to the Replica Erik Buch Swivel Bar Stool in ash timber. Sleek and slender with solid wood legs, it stands at 66cm for most standard benches and breakfast bars, to make sure you’re always comfortable. Originally designed in 1960, this gorgeous replica comes fully assembled and is as elegant as it is practical, making it perfect for any space. Ideal for furnishing your personal bar or utilising benches, the comfortable curved seat and foot step ensure against slips and tumbles. The comfortable Italian leather seat comes in white or black to suit your current décor. The Replica Erik Buch Bar Stool is also available in many other options. This is a Matt Blatt replica of the original design.



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